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Arthouse Corporation is an international production and distributing company.

Its aim is to distribute “Inspiration” and “Art-House” Movies, worldwide, in Theatres, on DVD and Blu-Ray, Television and Music.

Founded in 2006, with its Corporate Offices set in Beverly Hills, California, Arthouse has its own branch offices in Mexico City, Buenos Aires, Rio de Janeiro, Santiago de Chile, Bogota, Barcelona and Mumbay.


Driving entertainment to the edge.

We built and operate 

we built & operate CINEMAS on challenging places, with reduced population.
Join us and share our passion for cinema.

MOVIES: Within the “Art Movie” exclusive distribution, Art House counts on films such as: “Tuya´s Marriage” from  Quanan Wang, winner of the Golden Bear in Berlin Festival; “House of Sand”, directed by  Andrucha Weddington and  Fernanda Montenegro in the star part; “Mysterious Skin” from  Gregg Araki; “Alexandra” from  Alexander Sokurov, a Cannes  official selection ; “Uzhlan” directed by Cannes winner,  Volker Schlondorf; “The Romance of Astrea and Celadon” by legendary master Erik Rohmer; “Triangle” directed by three great Hong Kong masters: Johnnie To, Tsui Hark and Ringo Lam; “Palermo Shooting” from acclaimed director Wim Wenders, figuring  Mila Jovovich, Dennis Hooper, Lou Reed and Patti Smith, officially selected in Cannes Festival and competing for the Golden Palm.

SPIRITUAL CINEMA: Arthouse Corporation distributes exclusively within the category of “Spiritual Cinema Collection”, movies originating from great masters such as: James F. Twyman (“Moses Code”), Dr.Deepak Chopra, Dr. Wayne Dyer, J.Z. Knight – Ramtha, Eckhart Tolle, Don Miguel Ruiz, Louise L. Hay, John Gray, Jack Canfield, Paulo Coelho, Osho, Masaru Emoto, among others.

BOOKS: Arthouse Corporation also has a book collection for children written by Dr. Wayne Dyer: “Incredible You!”, “Unstoppable Me!”, “ I´m Not What I Have! , but Who I Am”, stories told for 4 year-old children, and up.  In these readings you shall discover “THE SECRET FOR CHILDREN”.

Other books from Arthouse are: “The Answer” – The Book ; “The Secret of the Law of Attraction 2″ – The Book, by John F. Demartini, one of the masters in “The Secret”; “The Moses Code” – The Book by James Twyman; Masaru Emoto´s  new worldwide best seller.

FILM PRODUCTION: Productions achieved by Arthouse include Ten projects per year on projects like the trilogy made with several participant masters in “The Secret”, such as John F.Demartini, Fred Alan Wolf, and Mike Dooley or a new 2012 concept featuring Drunvalo Melchizedek – creator of the Flower of Life and studious of the Sacred Geometry;  also, a new production “The Mayan Secret” a revolutionary document that revel for the first an on camera an ancient Maya secret named “Inlakesh”

Please join us, to build together a better world !!

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